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What we sell

What we sell

Our recycled raw materials are sold to recycling companies, extrusion companies, thermoformers and injection moulders.

  • Hot washed clear PET flake

    Hot washed clear PET flakeHot washed clear PET flake
  • Clear and coloured LDPE granules

    Clear and coloured LDPE granulesClear and coloured LDPE granules
  • Natural HDPE bottles and Jazz (coloured) HDPE bottles

    Natural HDPE bottles and Jazz (coloured) HDPE bottlesNatural HDPE bottles and Jazz (coloured) HDPE bottles
  • Jazz (coloured) PET bottles

    Jazz (coloured) PET bottles
  • Baled Cardboard (OCC)

    Baled Cardboard (OCC)
  • HDPE, PP, PS regrinds

The following recycled products are sold to retail, janitorial, healthcare, industrial organisations and local authorities:

  • Clear/coloured refuse sacks

  • Bag for life

  • Printed heavy duty retail bags

  • Draw bags

supplied loose or on the roll