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Pet Washing and Compounding

pet washing and compounding

Our PET wash plant in Corby, Northamptonshire, has the capacity to process over 30,000 tonnes per annum of PET drink bottles from our PRF (Plastic Recycling Facility). This plant produces food grade r-PET pellet and hot washed r-PET flake. The food grade material is used to create new drinks bottles; the hot washed flake is utilised in a number of applications including rigid PET packaging of food and non-food grade product.

Jayplas reduces the amount of waste going to landfill by separating the by-products from the operation to be processed elsewhere. Recycled HDPE bottle tops are used in rigid plastic products. PET films (bottle labels) are further processed for use in PET fibre manufacture. To minimise our impact on the environment, we recycle and re-use water on site: waste water is treated by our on-site effluent plant to ensure it is of the appropriate quality before discharging.