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Vision & Culture

Vision & Culture


Our vision is to:

  • Provide pioneering recycling solutions, which are fulfilled by well-managed, proficient processes, to maximise the value of waste as a resource; and
  • Develop recycled polymers, of the highest quality possible, that can be used as a direct replacement to virgin polymers.


At Jayplas, no one rests on their laurels: to maintain our status as UK market leader by providing optimum recycling solutions and products for our customers, we are constantly monitoring trends, new technology, changes in legislation and economic fluctuations.  

We proactively operate BSI ISO 9001 and regularly review and update our systems. We also have BSI ISO 14001, the environmental management standard, which is a key indicator of our environmental performance.


Our values are based on offering our customers a service that benefits both them and society, and ensure we operate all aspects of our business in a socially responsible manner in terms of the environment, health and safety and professionalism.