Welcome to Jayplas

Established in 1975 and with almost 40 years' experience in the plastic recycling industry, Jayplas is the UK market-leader in post-consumer recycling. Our core business is: 

  • Collecting, sorting and processing industrial quantities of a whole variety of used plastics into feed stocks for packaging companies
  • Manufacturing a diverse range of plastic bags using specialist plant located at a number of our sites

Our national collection and distribution network, comprising a fleet of more than thirty five tractor units and two hundred trailers, transports all our raw materials and product across the UK.

By working attentively with our clients, and investing in leading-edge processing technology, we can - and do - deliver managed, convenient and efficient recycling solutions.

We provide our customers with the opportunity to 'close the loop' by taking businesses' waste plastic material and returning it to them in a re-usable form. This practice:

  • Helps maximise returns by treating customers waste as a resource
  • Enhances 'zero-waste to land fill' drives 
  • Reduces carbon footprints

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